Sunday, 24 February 2013


This is the finished part of my collection that I started a few years ago, it includes my Rushes Lancers

Sunday, 17 February 2013

First game of WAB in the new room

Moors v WOTR

The two armies line up with the Moors getting the first turn, and only scoring a few kills from their archers

Blanket (Tim) getting advice from General Monty

Black guard waiting for the charge

My fast Cav doing their normal trick of hitting and running

My heavy knight (they have never been lost in a game UNTIL TODAY thanks Murray)

2 units of warriors moving slowly toward the enemy shooting 30 shots every time

It's all been too much for Monty

My Cav break the archers 

After the game going back and forth the mighty Moors luck ran out (I let murray take over half way through so it was not my fault)
Black Powder


We had our second game of black powder using Murray's SYW figures

All units where small and we only had 3 divisions each.

My first division holding the farm

More troops arrive to help defend the farm

After standing and taking the charges, the 3rd divison takes it to the enemy

In the end the farm is still in my hands although both armies have taken heavey losses

The games room is nearly finished

Even room for our dogs to spread out

one of the tables setup for a quick game of WAB

This picture shows how much space there is to store stuff under the tables (might add doors one day), all the tables are on wheels and can be moved around the room by one person.

Still need to sort the figures out but there is only enough space for a few of my armies

General Monty trying to teach Blanket (Tim) how to play

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Armies

Now the new room is just about ready I am working on the armies I have and seeing what work needs to be done or extra figures I need so I can complete each force.


8 command (3 foot 5 mounted)
5 x 40 (20 spears + 20 archers)
1 x 40 spear
2 x 14 crossbows
2 x 12 crossbows
1 x 20 skirmishers
1 x 14 archers
1 x 44 Spear

5 x 12  Berber
1 x 15 Archers
4 x 12 Knights
3 x 12 Light cav

Still to paint 92 Cav 96 Inf


Ok I thought I had one or two but

8 command

6 x 10 Cav
14 x 40 Spear
1 x 20 Mountain men with axes
1 x 50 Fanatics
7 Chariots
3 x 13 and  3 x 16 Slingers

with 40 cav, 486 Inf and 7 chariots to paint :-(

 This figures was painted by Brian Phillips a great guy :-)