Friday, 16 June 2017

Quick Black Powder game tonight


Army command =  Napoleon

Brigade 1 Command (8)

6 x Line inf
1 x art

Brigade 2 Command (8)

6 x Line inf
1 x art

Brigade 3 Command (9)

1 x Lancer
2 x Dragoon
1 x Cuirassier
1 x art

Army Command (7)

Brigade 1 Command (7)

4 x Line

Brigade 2 Command (7)

2 x Art

Brigade 3 (7)

1 x Dragoon

Brigade 4 (reinforcements) Command (7)

Objective was to hold the village until reinforcements arrive.

Turns 1 - 3

Russians start hidden, while the French move forward

Turn 4

Russian Guns open up

Turn 5

French chard the first building

Russian hold them off while inflicting casualties on the 1 Brigade, and two units becoming disordered.

Turn 6

The lone Russian Dragoons counter charge the French cavalry (and dies a hero's death), the fighting for the first building continues to rage, with the Russians inflicting more damage on the attacking French, number are not helping.

Turn 7

The French Cavalry hold at the side of the village, restricted due to the small wood, a line battalion charge the guns, but the guns hold.  The battle for the first building continues to go back and forward, but the Russians still hold.

Turn 9

The Russian gun finally falls, and the French move on to the 2nd battery.  A lone battalion charges the 2nd building and is held.  The first building casualties are building up but the Russians remain stubborn.

Turn 10

French Cav pull back, while the Russian reserve arrive and hold at the edge of the table (not liking the carnage in the village).

The French smash the Russian guns and move on to the 3rd building, the defenders manage to destroy one battalion, no change at the first building.  The Russian charge the French flank at the 2nd building smashing them out of the picture

Turn 11

The first building finally falls, at the 2nd building the French our pushed back disordered, while at the 3rd building the French are held.

We finished the game here giving the Russians a minor victory :-), I thought the French would walk all over the small Russian force but they held their own.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I have been working on some 6mm (Baccus) Napoleonic's for Black Powder,

The army is broken down as follows:-

Infantry - 48 figures per battalion
Cavalry - 18 figures per regiment
Artillery - 2 guns per battery

The bases and movement trays came from Battlefield Accessories

Hope you like the pictures